Our services


  • Steering alignments
  • Exhaust fume analysis
  • Air conditioning loading
  • Engine decarbonisation
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Wheel balancing
  • Headlight focusing
  • Car wash
  • Cleaning gasoline injectors 
  • Battery assembly
  • Mounting of parts
  • Filter replacement
  • Oil changes
  • Pre-inspection
  • Puncture repair
  • Brake repair
  • Servicing
  • Replacement of windscreen wiper blades
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Tyre replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Exhaust pipe replacement
  • Verification of the ignition system
  • Verification of the cooling system

Ansião Auto Workshop


At auto workshop José Carlos Fernandes in Ansião, Leiria, we do various types of services in your car, of diagnostic, maintenance and car repair.


We do services that range from the most simple and fast, as oil change and filter change, to complex, such as revisions.


Motor and Emissions

Need to replace the timing belt of your car?

Need to clean the intake and injection systems?

Want to make a diagnosis to the engine?


At our workshop we do this and much more!


> Analysis of Exhaust Gas
> Cleaning the Intake System
> Replacing candles and tuning the engine point
> Decarbonization of the engine
> EOBD Diagnostics (emission)


Know that a car is not only made to circulate. By taking care of the maintenance of your car's engine you extend the car engine life, save fuel, improve the performance of the car and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Electricity and Electronics

We do the diagnosis of electricity and electronics in your vehicle in order to detect and act preventively by replacing the components responsible for electrical faults. We want to thus improve the starter system of your car and increase battery life.


This way, you will save time and money by avoiding other ineffective methods.


We perform:


> Battery Replacement

> Candles Replacement

> Electronic Diagnosis

Steering and Suspension

In this type of component of your car it is very important to perform the wheel alignment service, because this way you extend the life of your tyres, save fuel, increase stability of your car and thus improve driving safety.



> Wheel alignment

> Replacement of shock absorbers

> Replacing the steering bellows

> Repair of steering box


We do accurate inspection of your brake system. It is essential to have this kind of care because on inspecting regularly the brakes of vehicles you increase the safety of those traveling with you, confirm if the vehicle has a safe and reliable braking, know the level of wear and state of components, only replace the necessary components and avoid costly repairs.


Contact our auto workshop to schedule:


> Brake Diagnosis

> Replacement of pads

> Replacing discs and pads

> Handbrake Relaying

> Brake fluid replacement

> Brake pipe replacement

> Brake fluid replacement

> ABS fault diagnostics

Bodywork and Painting

Hire our workshop and stop the scratchs and dents.


When executing our bodywork and painting services you prevent image degradation of your car and prevents rust on the body that forms over time due to the effects of oxidation.

Air Conditioning

Come to our auto workshop recharge your air conditioner or repair leaks. Care for the air conditioning of your car allows you to improve the air quality inside the car, ensuring a pleasant temperature in winter and summer, prevents fogging of glasses and reduces odors in the car.


We perform:


> Passenger compartment filter replacement

> Air conditioning system inspection

> Gas leaks detection and repair

José Carlos Fernandes
(Chão de Couce)
Ansião - Automobile Repairing

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3240-212 ANSIÃO
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